A Look at the Shrinking Size of Power Amplifiers

Power amplifiers have become smaller and smaller lately. This is not really a surprise as manufacturers are trying to incorporate multiple amplifiers into the same product. Part of the reason for amplifiers become smaller is the ongoing integration of discrete components into semi conductors. Especially for amplifiers which are often used, spending the extra money for creating an integrated circuit often makes sense.

Another reason for the shrinking size of power amplifiers is the fact that the efficiency has increased rapidly. This is because there has been a fundamental shift in technology. New amplifiers almost exclusively are switched mode amplifiers which means that power efficiency has increased to upwards of 90%. This as a result has lead to the reduction of the size of heat sinks which are required to ventilate excessive heat. Obviously, amplifiers which have low power efficiency will generate a vast amount of heat. Also, tube amplifiers are rather inefficient and require a lot of ventilation.

In …

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How Powerful an Audio Amplifier Do You Need?

When purchasing an audio amplifier, one important criterion to consider is the amplifiers wattage. The wattage describes how much power the amplifier can deliver to some speakers. Usually, and manufacturers will specify the total wattage. In order to determine the wattage per channel, you simply divide this number by the number of channels.

Let’s say for example that you purchase 100 what amplifier. If the amplifier is a stereo amplifier then you will have 50 Watts per channel. However, keep in mind that they are different ways of specifying amplifier wattage. Usually the RMS wattage is the most reliable means for determining the amplifiers performance. To determine how powerful an amplifier you will require, investigate the type of speakers that you have.

Speakers usually have a wattage rating printed on them. However, the wattage that you actually need also depends on your listening environment as well as the sensitivity of the speakers. Different speakers will become loud to a different …

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What Is the Best Way to Use Bluetooth Audio Receivers?

You are probably familiar with Bluetooth. This technology was invented nearly a decade ago and is now being used by almost every smart phone and other portable device. This is not surprising because they are many applications. The main application for which Bluetooth was originally designed is to connect peripherals such as printers and tablets to computers. The Bluetooth with essentially replace the cable. Lately, Bluetooth has also been adopted for transmission of high-quality audio without wires.

In this post, I will show you how to use Bluetooth receivers in order to stream music to some speakers. Several manufacturers are offering products which are suitable for speakers. As an example, Amphony Bluetooth products can be connected to any passive speaker. Other types of Bluetooth receivers typically connect to either active speakers or audio amplifiers. The wireless range of either of these devices is usually fairly short. Typically, Bluetooth receivers will allow you to stream for distance of at least 30 …

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How to Boost the Wattage of Wireless Speakers

Many types of wireless speakers have fairly low wattage. In particular, Bluetooth speakers typically only have a few Watts of power. That is not surprising given that they are portable and often run from batteries. However, for outdoor applications, this wattage might not be enough.

brand-new wireless speakers

Portable wireless speakers typically have less wattage than high-power wireless speakers as shown here. That is mostly because they are designed around batteries. Batteries only have a fairly low voltage depending on the number of batteries. One battery will typically provide either 1.2 V or 1.5 V. However, the voltage of the battery will actually decrease as the battery is being discharged. Also, the current that the battery can supply is fairly limited. In particular, batteries have an internal resistance which means they cannot easily provide large currents without the voltage dropping significantly.

All of this poses limits on the maximum wattage that you can get when running a portable wireless speaker. Of course, …

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A Look at Some Hard Drives for Computers

A hard drive is an important component of every computer. It is the place where all the information is being stored. Once you lose power, all the data which was residing on the computer will be lost except for data written onto the hard drive. So the hard drive is crucial for keeping all of your data and programs. A hard drive failure is usually catastrophic. Data is usually very hard to retrieve from a hard drive that has crashed. Obviously, I would always recommend making regular backups of your data. Also, you should create an emergency boot DVD which will allow you to put the computer in case of a crash. Without the boot DVD you would have to reinstall the operating system which would override most of the settings of many applications. So therefore it is important to use a hard drive which is from a renowned manufacturer and has high reliability. Even though you might have a …

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My Experience Using Wireless Speakers

I would like to offer my opinion about wireless speakers. Just a few weeks ago, I decided to purchase a pair of speakers. I was in the process of setting up a home theater system. As you may realize, I had to put in one center speaker, to front speakers, two rear speakers and a subwoofer. I didn’t want to purchase a sound bar because I read some reviews that the sound effect greatly depends on the listening environment. I have some furniture scattered across the room which in my opinion is going to affect the sound. The main problem during my installation was setting up the rear speakers. I have hardwood flooring in my house. Obviously, with the rear speakers being in the back of the room, I would’ve had to cover up lengthy speaker wires.

indoor wireless speakers

I did some research and found that there is some wireless speaker kits on the market so that I wouldn’t have to run …

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