What Is the Best Way to Use Bluetooth Audio Receivers?

You are probably familiar with Bluetooth. This technology was invented nearly a decade ago and is now being used by almost every smart phone and other portable device. This is not surprising because they are many applications. The main application for which Bluetooth was originally designed is to connect peripherals such as printers and tablets to computers. The Bluetooth with essentially replace the cable. Lately, Bluetooth has also been adopted for transmission of high-quality audio without wires.

In this post, I will show you how to use Bluetooth receivers in order to stream music to some speakers. Several manufacturers are offering products which are suitable for speakers. As an example, Amphony Bluetooth products can be connected to any passive speaker. Other types of Bluetooth receivers typically connect to either active speakers or audio amplifiers. The wireless range of either of these devices is usually fairly short. Typically, Bluetooth receivers will allow you to stream for distance of at least 30 …

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