How to Boost the Wattage of Wireless Speakers

Many types of wireless speakers have fairly low wattage. In particular, Bluetooth speakers typically only have a few Watts of power. That is not surprising given that they are portable and often run from batteries. However, for outdoor applications, this wattage might not be enough.

brand-new wireless speakers

Portable wireless speakers typically have less wattage than high-power wireless speakers as shown here. That is mostly because they are designed around batteries. Batteries only have a fairly low voltage depending on the number of batteries. One battery will typically provide either 1.2 V or 1.5 V. However, the voltage of the battery will actually decrease as the battery is being discharged. Also, the current that the battery can supply is fairly limited. In particular, batteries have an internal resistance which means they cannot easily provide large currents without the voltage dropping significantly.

All of this poses limits on the maximum wattage that you can get when running a portable wireless speaker. Of course, …

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