My Experience Using Wireless Speakers

I would like to offer my opinion about wireless speakers. Just a few weeks ago, I decided to purchase a pair of speakers. I was in the process of setting up a home theater system. As you may realize, I had to put in one center speaker, to front speakers, two rear speakers and a subwoofer. I didn’t want to purchase a sound bar because I read some reviews that the sound effect greatly depends on the listening environment. I have some furniture scattered across the room which in my opinion is going to affect the sound. The main problem during my installation was setting up the rear speakers. I have hardwood flooring in my house. Obviously, with the rear speakers being in the back of the room, I would’ve had to cover up lengthy speaker wires.

indoor wireless speakers

I did some research and found that there is some wireless speaker kits on the market so that I wouldn’t have to run long wires across the room. However, I ended up purchasing wireless speakers instead. I decided to go for wireless speakers because I wouldn’t need a separate receiver for the speakers. Wireless speakers have to receiver as well as the power amplifier built into the speaker itself. So the setup was pretty straightforward. I have connected the front speakers as well as a center speaker. Now I started making the connection to the transmitter so I could set up the rear speakers. Fortunately, my home theater receiver has RCA outputs for the rear channels. Be careful, however, since the bulk of home theater receivers do not provide RCA outs for real channels. In that case you probably will end up buying a wireless speaker kit where the transmitter except speaker level audio.

Amphony wireless speakers

In my case I was all set. I just hooked up the transmitter to the RCA outputs via RCA cable. The cable was actually in the box which had the wireless speakers. Now it was a matter of setting the level of the transmitter. The instruction manual was fairly detailed. So I set the level of the transmitter so that the speakers wouldn’t clip but at the same time would get pretty loud. Now the final step was setting up the speakers. The speakers would be connected by wallwarts to an outlet. The DC cord of the wallwarts was fairly short. You had to move one of the speakers away from where I was planning to set it up originally. I could use an extension cord but instead ended up moving the speaker slightly.

Each of the speakers has a volume control so I could set the balance on the speakers. Also, my home theater system has an auto calibration routine. So making sure all of the speakers are balance was fairly straightforward. I just took a measurement microphone and ran the auto calibration routine and I was all set. The speakers have worked pretty well thus far.

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